On Vitamins and Minerals

Pop music is aspirin and the blues are vitamins.
– Peter Tork

What could be more interesting than learning about vitamins and minerals. Chris Masterjohn is an expert resource to help understand  the role they play in your health. He offers a tool to identify and correct nutritional imbalances, as well as other informational resources through his website and blog. One of these resources is an email series designed as a 101 on vitamins and minerals. Its excellent and I copy his email summaries below. (more…)

On Skincare

“Beauty is only skin deep.”
Sir Thomas Overbury (1613)

Its fair to say I’ve never bothered with skincare besides sunscreen when I go paddling. My wife tells me I have a nice weather-beaten look that identifies me well with my waterman crowd. Never too old to learn new tricks, I listened to a Peter Attia podcast with guest Brett Kotlus , a plastic surgeon, who makes a few simple suggestions for skincare I’m trying out:

  1. Protect your skin from the sun
  2. Retinoic acid for skin protection and maintenance
  3. Vitamin C to reverse sun damage